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We are located on the Iowa/Missouri Border, 

2 hours south of Des Moines Iowa

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Important Details: 

Puppies go to their new families with current shots, worming, puppy pack, leash, collar, toys, feeding and care guide,

Sample of the kibble they are used to eating, AKC registration, Vet Health Certificate

Parent Pedigrees, Photo Cd of baby pictures and Genetic Health Guarantee

Please email for information about reserving a Cuddly Corgi of your Own!

Puppies with Full AKC are placed on contract with new owners that states that puppy is only to be bred inside the AKC Standard for Pembroke

Welsh Corgis, and that at no time with this puppy be bred to an unregistered dog or dog of any other breed. Contract also requires puppy

only be bred to health tested AKC Pembroke Welsh Corgis that meet the standard for coat color (Black Headed Tri,

Red Headed Tri, Reds or Sables). Contract requires that the puppy (if placed on Limited AKC) is not to be registered

with any other registery outside of AKC unless breeder gives written permission.

Information about DM -

We have done genetic testing on all of our corgis. We are happy to share this information upon request. We have an information sheet we provide all puppy families regardign the latest statistics on DM. We do not Breed for DM Clear status.. Our corgis are bred for the total package of Top Quality Pedigree, Structure, Health, and Personality. DM is merely a factor to take into consideration, like any other genetic testing result. Please do your research carefully before purchase, and understand the facts about DM! We are happy to provide a link below to our feelings on DM.

Update on DM: 

We were given this very interesting article on DM passed on from a very respected Polish Breeder. I'll link the article below for you.

The basics of it are simple. While we have long questioned the genetics behind the DM test currently offered in the US, now new evidence has been presented that not only is the genetic link behind the testing in question, but the science of the testing itself is not reliable!! Dropped Allelles can be misdiagnosed depending on the testing lab, or even based on the age of the dog. A puppy testing clear as a 10 day old, may not be really clear and may not test clear as an adult. (We ourselves have had this occur, and I have heard from reliable breeders that have also had this occur to them. One such breeder had three different test results on a female, from three different testing labs!) So why test if the genetic link is not clear, AND if the results may be flawed? We have made the decision to no longer test our puppies for DM. We will continue testing our adults extensively, and will upon request test a puppy from a litter if the new owner wishes. But we will no longer test complete litters. And we can not guarantee the results outside insuring that the testing is as correct as we can possible make it. 

Our Take on DM (Click Here)

Another extremely interesting article on DM - the study tracks 8 DM Carrier dogs with DM and gives the stats of DM in Clear/Carrier and at risk dogs. Wire Hair Fox Terriers have the highest rate of At Risk (A Allelle) dogs in all breeds tested at  94% yet they have one of the lowest occurences of actual DM of all breeds.  That study is in the link below.